Arizona Week 5 Preview: Cats vs Beavers

#18 Oregon State (2-0) at Arizona (3-1).

After a tough loss to Oregon (4-0, 1-0) last weekend, the Arizona Wildcats (3-1, 0-1) had their momentum halted in an instant.  The previously undefeated Cats had overcome both easy and tough opponents.  Their first meeting with a PAC-12 conference team, Oregon, was a far cry from their previous performances.  This was the first time the Wildcats had been shut-out since playing Nebraska in the 2009 Holiday Bowl. While Arizona has a 24 hour policy (24 hours to reflect on the game before moving on to the next opponent), the 49-0 rout almost certainly gave the Cats a lot to think about during this week’s practices.

This weekend, Arizona will be facing the Oregon State Beavers.  The #18 Beavers are currently 2-0, with their first game postponed due to the opponent, Nicholls State, being stranded in Louisiana due to Hurricane Isaac. Oregon St.’s two wins have both been upset victories over ranked teams (#13 Wisconsin, #19 UCLA).  Because of the massive hype that comes with an upset (let alone two), the Wildcats will have their hands full with the Beavers. In 35 total meetings, the Cats have overcome the Beavers 21 times. However, Arizona has lost 8 of the past 10 meetings (5 of those being at home for the Cats).  Arizona outranks Oregon St. in both passing and rushing yards, but is drastically outranked by the Beavers in points against (75th for Arizona, 18th for Oregon St.).   With Arizona being ranked 12 in total offense, and Oregon St. ranked 29 in total defense, it should be an interesting battle between these two sides.

Arizona Athletics announced this week that the Wildcats Football team will be debuting their first ever copper helmet at this week’s game.  The Arizona helmets have always been one of Arizona’s team colors, red, white or blue, but it was announced in May of 2012 that there was a new helmet on its way.  The copper, while never having been a school color, is a symbol of Arizona’s strong mining background.  One of Arizona’s 5 C’s (Copper, Citrus, Cotton, Cattle, Climate), copper is a major resource for Arizona.  I personally hate the copper helmets. Aside from the fact that they aren’t school colors, they won’t even really match with any of the colors we do wear.  Arizona could go with all white with the copper helmets or possible a white jersey, blue pant combo, but any way it’s put together, it’s probably going to look cheesy.  Some love the helmets and can’t wait to see them debuted. However, I know quite a few people who took to twitter to let Greg Byrne know that the helmets aren’t going to receive a warm welcome from all. Let’s just hope, for Arizona’s sake, that they don’t end up in the Ugly Helmet Hall of Shame.

The 4th home game of the season for the Wildcats will be Saturday the 29th of September, at 7:00 PM. The Game Day Grill menu theme is ¡Viva los Gatos!: fajitas, Sonoran rice, and arroz con leche will be served for just $20 to attend!  For those who may be new to the ZonaZoo, there is a FREE tailgate for all Zoo members before every home game. The tailgate is located on University and Cherry, on the grass of the Mall. Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, and drinks are served until they run out! Take advantage of free food when it’s given! Also, it has been announced that at the Oregon State game, an exclusive, free “copper-related” item will be given away to ZonaZoo members in attendance! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive more free things!

Every member of Wildcat Country is needed at the game this weekend. Support your Arizona Wildcats football team by packing the stands to our maximum capacity! And ZonaZoo: stay for the whole game! 50,000 strong all game long means a lot more than you may think! Get up close and personal with the team before the game by participating in the Wildcat Walk. The players will be dropped off at the corner of University and Cherry two hours prior to game time. Cheer them on before the game and let them hear your support!

The weather in Arizona isn’t cooling down in time for this weekend’s game so be prepared to drink lots of water and don’t break out the hats and scarves just yet.

For those who are active on Twitter, don’t forget to tweet using #BearDown and #BeatOSU throughout the week. Also, follow me @Latina_Heat211

From the heart of Wildcat Country, Bear Down.

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