Flash back to 1993: The last time ND was #1 Explains Why Irish Fans are Excited, yet Fearful

November 13, 1993: “The Game of the Century” #1 Florida State at #2 Notre Dame.  100,000 people were on campus in South Bend, where current ND students numbered 10,000, to witness the top two teams in the nation battle it out in what was essentially a semifinal game.  The winner would certainly be playing for the national championship.  Here’s the Notre Dame board in Knott Hall (Section 2A)  taking a dig at the FSU mascot and proclaiming a victory… “Scorching a Path Toward a National Title.”

Knott Hall girls on the way to the FSU game:The game did not disappoint.  It came down to the last second with FSU QB and Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward taking a final shot at the endzone, which was broken up by ND’s Shawn Wooden.  The final score was ND 31- FSU 24 (please excuse the blurriness and keep in mind this is pre digital/iphone pictures).Rushing the field after ND won

Notre Dame was ready to become a national champion again.  There was just one minor game left in the regular season the following week on November 20th against Boston College.  BC was ranked 17th in the nation, yet somehow it never occurred to Irish fans that they could win the Game of the Century, but lose the Holy War.  It was a cold, miserable day in South Bend and the Eagles led 38-17 at one point (that must have been the quarter I spent warming up in the bathroom, drinking hot chocolate).  Eventually the Irish came back, and once again, the game came down to the final play.  This time BC kicker David Gordon connected on a field goal to give the Eagles their first ever win over Notre Dame, 41-39, and the national title back to FSU.  The #1 sign that was lit up on top of Grace hall was taken down and would not reappear on behalf of the football team again until this week.

ND Dorm Room in 1993.And as much as I might want to forget what was happening with our hair in 1993, I have not forgotten November 20, 1993.  So regardless of the fact that USC is now un-ranked and without starting quarterback Matt Barkley, they still have the #2 receiver in the nation in Marqise Lee.  19 years ago today the Irish lost their chance to march onward to victory…but this Saturday they get a chance to get it right and reclaim glory.  Let’s remember our past so that we are not condemned to repeat it.  Go Irish, Beat Trojans

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