Georiga Tech 2010

Georgia Tech (2009 Statistics)

  • The only way to describe Georgia Tech is by the offensive scheme head coach Paul Johnson has used everywhere he has gone:  the TRIPLE-OPTION, SPREAD OFFENSE. Under previous head coach Chan Gailey, Georgia Tech had a similar attitude on offense where they predominantly ran the ball.  But when Paul Johnson took over as head coach in 2008, he took the running game to another level.  Now when Georgia Tech is on offense you can be certain that they are going to run the ball on every down, with the exception of about two plays per quarter.
  • If they are going to run the ball on every play then why can’t defenses stop Georgia Tech? It’s rather complicated and for that you need to really understand what the Triple Option is (LINK TO TRIPLE SPREAD OPTION).  It is a version of the Spread Option (LINK TO SPREAD OPTION) that utilizes three options of runners on each play. In addition to the triple running threat, Paul Johnson also differentiates his version of the Spread Option from others, such as those run at Florida and Michigan, by having the Quarterback take the snap to begin the play under Center (directly behind the Center) as opposed to the Shotgun formation (about 8-10 yards behind the Center).  . 
  • While Georgia Tech’s rushing offense has improved, their rushing defense has declined.  Tech had enjoyed five straight years ranked in the top 20 in rushing defense under former defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta. But when Johnson took the job in 2008 and let Tenuta go, he lost one of the best defensive minds in College Football.  Last year Georgia Tech’s rushing defense decline to 68th in the Nation.