Training Camp: Playing Offensive and Defensive Lineman

Linemen. What are they doing?  It looks like they run at each other and just start pushing.  But the fact is that the play of the linemen can determine the success of the team.  I learned more about this at Columbia’s football camp and from watching game film with the Source. To get an idea […]

All About Offensive Linemen

Because the top player chosen in this year’s NFL Draft is most likely going to be a lineman, this post is dedicated to what the offensive and defensive linemen do on the field.  To begin with, the number one term for a lineman should be the word “gap.”  Gap refers to the space between the […]

Offensive Line: Man-to-Man vs Zone Run Blocking

A significant component of an offense’s ability to run the ball is based on it’s ability to block out the defensive players and make lanes for their runner. Blocking is such a fundamental aspect of the game that it is often the determinative factor of the success of a play.  It is primarily carried out […]

Triple Spread Option Offense

WHAT THE HECK IS THE TRIPLE-OPTION, SPREAD OFFENSE? Sports Broadcasters often discuss the Triple Spread Option or the Triple-Option Spread Offense but rarely explain what it is.  I even saw an article on entitled “Georgia Tech’s Johnson explains Spread-Option Offense,” but it didn’t explain anything about his offensive scheme.   So this column is to […]

Spread Option Offense

The Spread, the Option, the Zone Read… and how they all work together Spread Option offenses are considered to be “equalizers” on the playing field, allowing less athletic teams to compete with larger and faster defenses. They achieve this by using multiple ball carriers to trick the defenders and by setting up the play so […]