Fox Sports: Who are you to judge?

Response to “Fox Sports Exclusive: Pryor about sex, money, power” With everything coming out in the media about Ohio State’s football program and the focus on the type of athlete the Buckeyes have attracted over the years, Fox’s Mr. Thayer Evans has provided an exposé on the type of person Terrelle Pryor really is. The […]

Response to Media Review of Jim Tressel’s Request for Increased Suspension

ESPN’s Ivan Maisel wrote a commentary critiquing Jim Tressel’s request to increase his suspension from two games to five in order to match the punishment given to his players.  As a reminder, the players improperly received benefits and Tressel did not disclose this information to the NCAA when he became aware of it.  And just […]

Hate the BCS? Want to See a Playoff in College Football?

It’s a Wonderful Life…BCS Style So you hate the BCS system? You want a playoff in college football? As it is the holiday season, let’s play “It’s a Wonderful Life” and grant your wish. Here you go, George Bailey: the BCS doesn’t exist. In this life re-do, college football Division I-A (no need to be […]

Solid Points from Sports Columnist Michael Rosenberg on Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame

Solid Points from Sports Columnist Michael Rosenberg on Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame

A Response to One Writer’s Idea That Snobbery Alone Is Keeping TCU and BOISE STATE Out of First Place

There’s a writer for whom I call Mr. Ignoramus, whom I only read when I want to torture myself.  Not only do I disagree with what Mr. Ignoramus says, but I don’t even think he provides a semi-intelligent explanation or argument for his positions.  His observations and conclusions seem to have been reached with […]

In Response to the Premature Heisman Trophy Discussion and Denard Robinson

For the last three to four years, the broadcasters couldn’t possibly love Tebow more and they professed their affections for him over and over and over. But now that he has graduated and moved onto the NFL, they’ve found a new victim. Denard Robinson has quickly become the new Tim Tebow. And this is the […]