Hate the BCS? Want to See a Playoff in College Football?

It’s a Wonderful Life…BCS Style So you hate the BCS system? You want a playoff in college football? As it is the holiday season, let’s play “It’s a Wonderful Life” and grant your wish. Here you go, George Bailey: the BCS doesn’t exist. In this life re-do, college football Division I-A (no need to be […]

Broadcast Terminology: The Pistol, The Stutter-Step Curl Route and More from UCLA vs Oregon

This following is an explanation and/or further details on terms and statements the broadcasters referenced in Thursday night’s UCLA vs Oregon Game Double Move Curl Route Manageable 3rd Down The Most Signif Reg Season Last Time Oregon was ranked #2 in BCS Pistol Offense Pistol Not for Catch-Up Stutter Step Curl Route The last time […]

A Response to One Writer’s Idea That Snobbery Alone Is Keeping TCU and BOISE STATE Out of First Place

There’s a writer for ESPN.com whom I call Mr. Ignoramus, whom I only read when I want to torture myself.  Not only do I disagree with what Mr. Ignoramus says, but I don’t even think he provides a semi-intelligent explanation or argument for his positions.  His observations and conclusions seem to have been reached with […]