What Football Broadcasters DON’T Mean

Giving him the ball in space. What it doesn’t mean.  Unlike Star Trek, in football, space does not refer to the final frontier.  Thus, this doesn’t mean that you trust him so much that you would let him take the ball to space (as in Mars).  It also isn’t a cute way to say you’ll […]

A Further Look into Training Camp: Coaches

Now that you have an idea of what training camp is like for the players, it is easier to explain what it is like for the coaches. The coaches get one advantage that the players don’t – they get to return to their own homes every night and be with their families. However, that being […]

A Look Into Training Camp From the Football Insider

When I say the words training camp, what do you picture? Practice all day, every day? Meals in a big dining hall, everyone being forced to eat together at the exact same time, like a giant version of high school? Players living in dorms together, like summer camp? Well, you’d be partially right. Training camp […]

Football Cheat Sheet: Home for the Holidays

Yes, it’s that time of year again…Christmas…and even those who don’t celebrate have time off to spend with family and friends, including those certain friends, uncles, brothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, grandmothers and cousins who are obsessed with football.  You will eventually have to speak to them and chances are the least awkward conversation with any of the […]

Stuff You Should Know: Delay of Game & Reading Zone vs Man

Did you know… If you signal for a fair catch and then advance the ball, you will get a penalty for delay of game.  In the Notre Dame vs Michigan State game, Irish punt returner Davonte’ Neal signaled for the fair catch, then bobbled the ball.  When he recovered it, he took off running.  They […]

Training Camp: Playing Defensive Back

Training Camp for Playing Defensive Back I attended football camp at Columbia University and with the assistance of the Educator, a defensive backs coach (who works with the Source), I learned the intricacies of the defensive back position and what to watch for. What does a defensive back coach look for? Feet. And that actually […]

Training Camp: Playing Offensive and Defensive Lineman

Linemen. What are they doing?  It looks like they run at each other and just start pushing.  But the fact is that the play of the linemen can determine the success of the team.  I learned more about this at Columbia’s football camp and from watching game film with the Source. To get an idea […]

Chika’s Guide to Football…a place to start for beginners

While watching football all day at Blondies in NYC on Saturday, I met a great group of Northwestern fans, which included a girl named Chika.  Chika was dressed up as a perfect football fan in her Wildcat purple, but when initially invited out to watch “the game” on the first Saturday in September, she asked, […]

Angelique’s Mathematical Guide to Football Strategy: The CFB Rule of 4

Although Angelique thinks of football as just a bunch of guys running around in tights with a strange shaped ball, this guide will help her understand football better by teaching her something about the numbers (another thing she isn’t too fond of). Whole Yards, never partial. In football, we determine the position on the field […]

Who Are the Defensive Backs?

Who are Defensive Backs?  They are the players that make up in the defensive backfield.  This is the third line of defense, yet it is also called the secondary and to further complicate matters, they aren’t always lined up on the third “line.”   The defensive backs typically consist of two safeties and two cornerbacks and […]