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The College Football Girl

The CFB Girl

The CFB Girl is not an athlete by design.  However, she was once a cheerleader and spent countless hours on the sideline at games.  She has worked in sports broadcasting since 2004 in various capacities, including as a reporter, analyst, writer, researcher and associate producer, with the majority of her time spent working  for ESPN and ABC Sports.  The amazing part of spending every football Saturday watching the games with the former players (as part of her job) is that she has really “learned” how to watch football from the experts.  She takes what she learned (and continues to learn) from the professionals who have played and coached the game and translates it into “English.”  And while she maintains  a neutral position when it comes to writing about football, she grew up in Ohio and attended the University of Notre Dame and Duke University Law School, so feel free to draw your own conclusions on whom she roots for.   If there’s something you would like to see explained or defined or just want to chat generally, please feel free to email her at TheCFBGirl@gmail.com

The Source

The Source

The Source has been involved with football for the majority of his life. He averaged an amazing 7 yards per carry as a player in college and continues to use his talents on the football field as a coach. While the CFB Girl has learned a lot from working at ESPN, especially when it comes to statistics, nothing compares to having a source of football information at her disposal like The Source. The Source is 100% immersed in the game and keeps her updated on strategy, information, rules and football knowledge that you can only get from being a part of the game the way he is.