2016 College Football Hall of Fame: Reflections & Insight

Scott Woerner (Georgia Defensive Back 1977-1980) came home one day and found a football sitting on his front porch.  “Congratulations you’re in the College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2016.” As Woerner sat down to reflect on his career, the same experience was happening for the 15 other men receiving notification that they had […]

College Football Hall of Fame Welcomes Wesley Walls

“…My uncle was a tremendous supporter…Coach Tommy Morton, taught me so much about football, but he also taught me how to handle myself and get ready for the college game…Coach Robert Youngblood, he was so diligent…Coach Billy Brewer and the opportunity and inspiration he gave me to be a good football player…and Coach Red Parker, […]

Support Bobby!

You may remember the article we wrote on football coach, Bobby Greco, who has arthrogryposis and has never been able to fully use his arms and legs as a result.  Recently Bobby has been feeling pretty down and could use some support.  He fell at his home and for someone already struggling, this makes it […]

Northwestern Football Stays Focused Amidst Union Talk

On a picture perfect Chicago spring day, one would never guess the Northwestern football team was amidst a historic battle, in regards to the unionization of its players.  Testing out their soon to be permanent home along the lakeside (construction of new facilities slated to begin within the next year with the aid of a […]

CFG Shopping Special: What to Buy the Female Sports Fan

The one thing I can offer you that the typical college football writer cannot (sorry Russell and Howie), is an extensive shopping guide. I live in NYC and by default, I spend a minimum of two hours a day window shopping in addition to my purposeful shopping.  And even though I am within walking distance […]

My Ode to Coach Mack Brown…as He Steps Down at Texas

It’s that time of year again…time to shop haphazardly/desperately, time to really feel the impact of those bad fantasy football decisions, time to start hanging out with your friends that you have consistently blown off since August 30, time to DTR (Define The Relationship) or GTR (Get out of The Relationship) because the holidays are […]

South Alabama’s Bryson James is the weekly nominee for the 2013 Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award

South Alabama’s Bryson James is the weekly nominee for the 2013 Discover Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award.  The 6-2, 235 lb senior was born four months premature, weighing just one lb and fitting into his mother’s hand.  He was expected to have severe mental disabilities, but somehow persevered and is called one of the smartest guys […]

Off-Season: Become a CollegeFootballGirl.com School Rep!

CollegeFootballGirl.com is conducting a national search for the 2013 season to secure campus reps from 25 different schools.  Apply now, not only to get the opportunity to write about college football, but also to make sure your school is one of our featured schools. Writing for CollegeFootballGirl.com gives you a chance to have your articles […]

A CFB History Lesson Courtesy of NFF, Nasdaq & the 2013 College Football Hall of Fame

Ladies and other people, you may not know everything about the history of your favorite college football team (assuming that you have actually had a life for some part of your life), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about the great players that constitute your school’s history.  That is why the College Football Hall […]

Introducing our new Wake Forest Rep Fonda Bryant

Fonda Bryant has been a fan of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons since her son transferred from the University of Florida in 2002, to play football there.  Upon his arrival, she started the FIRST ever WFU Parent’s Association to help support the young men who wore the old black and gold.  She is also a […]