A CFB History Lesson Courtesy of NFF, Nasdaq & the 2013 College Football Hall of Fame

Ladies and other people, you may not know everything about the history of your favorite college football team (assuming that you have actually had a life for some part of your life), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about the great players that constitute your school’s history.  That is why the College Football Hall […]

RECAP WEEK 12: BCS Standings & Implications from Saturday 11/17

#1, now #6 Kansas State (10-1).  LOST to Baylor (5-5): 52-24 in Waco.  Fell from 1st place to 6th in the BCS.  Baylor came into this game (and is still) un-ranked and with a losing record and not only beat the #1 team in the nation, but absolutely dominated them for 60 minutes.  More details […]

Week 12: Big changes as both #1 AND #2 are DEFEATED

VS #1 Kansas State (10-1, 7-1 Big 12) loses to Baylor (5-5, 2-5 Big 12): 52-24 in WACO, Texas — “Collin Klein and Kansas State (No. 1 BCS, No. 2 AP) can still get to a BCS game. Getting to the BCS Championship Game is all but lost.” (AP) Baylor came into this game un-ranked, […]

Week 12 PREVIEW: What to Watch this Weekend

Less than .03 separates the top three teams in the BCS standings.  As a result, this weekend Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame not only need to remain undefeated, but also must try to impress upon voters and computers exactly where they should fall within that small margin of differentiation. 8:00 pm on ESPN:#1 Kansas […]

Baylor Bears 2012

2011 Baylor Statistics (Big 12) The Bears play on an artificial field (Prestige System) at Floyd Casey Stadium (seats 50,000) Art Briles is in his 5th year as head coach at Baylor. 2011 Baylor won its first bowl game in 19 years, beating Washington 67-56 in the Alamo Bowl (yes, as that basketball score indicates, […]

Baylor 2011

Baylor 2010 Statistics (Big 12) The Bears play on an artificial field (Prestige System) at Floyd Casey Stadium (seats 50,000) Art Briles is in his 4th years as head coach at Baylor.  Last year’s 7-6 record was the best for a Baylor team since 1995.  The highlight of the season was beating Texas for the […]

Texas Loses to Baylor for the First Time Since 1997

Yes, Texas lost to Baylor for the first time since 1997.  And Mack Brown, Bill Little and the PR Department at UT are all collectively saying “add it to the list.”  Meaning that ever since Texas lost to UCLA, the phrase “for the first time since 1997” has been on repeat for the Longhorns.  The […]