Texas Loses to Baylor for the First Time Since 1997

Yes, Texas lost to Baylor for the first time since 1997.  And Mack Brown, Bill Little and the PR Department at UT are all collectively saying “add it to the list.”  Meaning that ever since Texas lost to UCLA, the phrase “for the first time since 1997” has been on repeat for the Longhorns.  The first time Texas has lost consecutive home games in a season since 1997; the first time Texas has lost two straight games in a season since 1997; the first time Texas has lost three home games in a season since 1997; and of course, the first time Texas has lost to Baylor since 1997.  The reason why 1997 is the year is because that was the year before Mack Brown took over as Head Coach.  Since that time Brown won a National Championship and enjoyed nine straight years of double-digit wins for Texas.  That obviously ends this year. 

But it’s still not certain how bad Texas really is or how good their opponent Baylor is.  Texas has the 5th ranked defense in the nation and the 2nd ranked passing defense.  In fact, Baylor only had a total of 328 yards against them.  And while one of the Longhorns’ biggest issues is that they’re losing the turnover battle (one of the worst teams in the country in that category), they actually tied Baylor this weekend in that category (2 turnovers each).  But the problem may be more mental than physical as they have now lost 4 of their last 5 games and were penalized for over 100 yards  against the Bears.   On the other hand, perhaps Texas just needs to rebuild after the significant loss of talent this year.  Six Longhorns were selected in the 2010 NFL Draft, including three defensive players in the first two rounds (Earl Thomas, Sergio Kindle and Lamarr Houston), clutch Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley and most noteably, Colt McCoy, who is the winningest Quarterback in NCAA history, holds 47 school records and is currently starting for the Cleveland Browns.

Former Texas Quarterback Colt McCoy