Mississippi (Ole Miss) 2010

Ole Miss (2009 Statistics)

  • Houston Nutt found a home here after resigning from Arkansas.  His reason for resigning and the allegations against him are really unclear.
  • This year only 10 starters return on this team.  And the only REAL starter on the Offensive Line is Bradley Sovell at left tackle. Perhaps the most critical area where experience playing and working together matter is on the Offensive Line. These guys will struggle, especially early in the season because they don’t have an established rhythm and rapport.
  • In addition, this 2010 team is without Quarterback Jevan Snead, who unexpectedly left for the NFL draft. Although he must have done something right to help lead his team to a 9-4 finish in 2009, statistically Snead was all wrong.  He threw for just 2,632 yards, a 54.4% completion and an abysmal 20 Touchdown to 20 Interception ratio.  I suppose it isn’t that surprising that Snead went undrafted by the NFL and although he temporarily signed with Tampa Bay, he was cut before the beginning of the season.  He was only a junior when he left so he had eligibility remaining and could be playing football right now.
  • Running Back Dexter McCluster was a Senior so his departure for the NFL Draft was ripe (drafted in the 2nd round by Kansas City).  McCluster will be missed this year as he had 1202 yards and 6.5 yards per carry in 2009 in addition to being the #2 receiver on the team.  Because of his talent and versatility McCluster may have masked some greater weaknesses for Mississippi’s offense.  It will be Houston Nutt’s first year as head coach at Ole Miss without him. The featured Running Back for the 2010 season will be Brandon Bolden who will need to make more of his opportunities than he has in the past
  • Defense has improved overall under Nutt but slipped a little in 2009.
  • This team had the same results in 2009 as they did the previous year, but they actually seemed to be a better 9-4 team in 2008 when they beat the ultimate national champion Florida.