Bowl Games: Texas A&M to Cotton Bowl

Texas A&M (9-3) accepted an invitation to play in the 75th Cotton Bowl and will find out on Sunday whom they will face.   The Aggies have made 11 appearance in the game beginning in 1940, however, they have lost their last five (1992, 1993, 1994, 1998 and 2005 Cotton Bowls).  In fact, the last time Texas A&M won any bowl game was following the 2001 season (win over TCU in the Gallery Furnitture Bowl). 

How did they get here? Texas A&M finished their regular season with a win over Texas on Thanksgiving to make their record 9-3, a seeminly improbably attainment if you had looked at their 3-3 record in mid-October.  They were coming off three straight losses at that point, but turned things around and now will ride a six game winning streak into the bowl game. 

Things for the Aggies to work on in their next 5 weeks before the game:

*Passing defense (currently ranked 93rd in the nation).  This means work on the Defensive Backs who have pass defense as their primary responsibility.

* Sacks allowed (currently ranked 108th in the nation).  This means work on the Offensive Line and making sure the Quarterback is aware of his surroundings and gets rid of the ball more quickly in threatening situations (like when he is about to get sacked). 

The Cotton Bowl game will take place on January 7th.

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