Arizona Week 8 Preview: Arizona Family Weekend (and a game agaisn the Huskies)

Arizona Family Weekend! (and there’s a football game too!)

As many students are finishing up midterms and maybe a hell week or two, the time has come for University of Arizona’s Family Weekend! The Wildcat parents will descend on the campus to treat their son/daughter to some much needed, relaxing family time.  For those who have been unable to go home yet, this may be their first time seeing their parents in 9 weeks! Don’t expect simply a quiet brunch or a grocery shopping trip, Wildcat parents often party right alongside their cubs. Family weekend begins officially on Friday, October 19 and will last all weekend long.

Prior to the family weekend Kick-off, Arizona’s Parents and Family Association will be hosting an annual golf tournament, hosted by Skyline Country Club. This event will take place on Thursday, beginning at noon, with a 1pm tee time. Registration is available through the family weekend website.

Friday, October 19 holds a wide variety of activities and events for Wildcat parents. Ranging from the Wildcat Pool Party to Family Weekend Shabbat at the Hillel house, there is no shortage of activities to keep students and families busy.  Because time is always limited, these events provide a great opportunity for students to spend time with their families on campus, without having to travel around Tucson to find something to do. A full itinerary Friday can be found here. (

If parents can still keep up with their kids (or even vice versa), Saturday holds even more events.  In addition to the football game, there is a multitude of options for families to choose from. The Wildcat Carnival is touted as a fun for the whole family event with inflatables and carnival games. The Carnival will take place on the UA Mall and will cost $5. For the fit-friendly family, the Campus Recreation center will be providing free fitness classes all day to UA students and their families.  If your mom wants to get in some Power Yoga or Zumba, or maybe your dad wants to participate in Top Training, these are some of the options available.   A full schedule of Saturday’s events and a schedule of Rec Center classes and Family Sport Tournaments are available online to allow for planning ahead of time.

When you’re ready to take your seats, the Arizona Wildcats football team will be ready to wow you at Arizona Stadium.  After a bye week full of rest and recovery, the Cats are sure to put on a show for our valued guests.  Arizona (3-3)  will face the Washington Huskies (3-3).  The Wildcats are coming into Saturday’s game on a 3 game losing streak and will be looking for their first win against a Pac-12 Conference rival this season.  In meetings between the two, the Huskies lead with a record of 18-9-1.  In their most recent meeting, October 29, 2011, the Cats lost 31-42 on Husky territory.

Arizona is currently ranked 5th (out of 6) in the Pac-12 South standings.  In order to boost rankings and have any chance of bowl contention, Arizona will have to win against the Huskies.

Due to recent rounds of mid-terms, many students are ready to kick their feet up and enjoy a nice cold (root) beer with their friends and parents.  Thankfully, Arizona is now leaving summer season temperatures of “Extremely Hot” and entering its only other season, “Acceptably Hot”.  Arizona Stadium will enjoy a high of 88 with clear skies and no chance of rain.  Come out early and often this weekend to make the most of family day activities.  If your parents aren’t making the trek down to Tucson, remember your dorm family, Greek-life family, or take the opportunity to make some new connections this weekend.

From the heart of Wildcat Country, Bear Down.