Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

I’m just thankful there’s football on this weekend because after Thanksgiving dinner, it gets boring—The College Football Girl’s mother

As told by family and friends:

I’m thankful for the “Little Giants” overtime win against Notre Dame.  To be in the stadium for that game, when no one expected that call.  Everyone expected [head coach Mark] Dantonio to go for the tie.  Not a single person in the sold-out Spartan stadium expected that call.  [Tailing 31-28 in overtime, Michigan State’s field goal attempt was a fake and instead their holder threw a pass in the end zone for touchdown to win the game].

I’m thankful for wide left and wide right and watching Florida State miss so many field goals to lose every time.

I’m thankful for January 3, 2003 when Ohio State beat Miami to win the National Championship in Overtime, a game they were prohibitive underdogs in.

I’m thankful for January 1, 1969 when Ohio State beat USC to win the Rose Bowl and the National Championship.

I’m thankful for the time Michigan was down by 24 points against Michigan State and came back to win.  Braylon Edwards scored two touchdowns in the 4th quarter–craziest come-back I’ve ever seen.

I’m thankful for University of Cincinnati’s undefeated regular season under Brian Kelly in 2009.

I’m thankful for the Ohio State v Michigan State game this year because I won $5 from Brandon.

I’m thankful that Penn went undefeated for an Ivy League title in 1993–and specifically for beating Princeton at Franklin Field when both teams were undefeated (the game made Sports Illustrated).

I’m thankful that Bill O’Brien has managed to coach a dilapidated 2012-13 Penn State squad into a formidable Big Ten opponent

I am thankful that Baylor beat Kansas State on the same night (November 17, 2012) that Stanford beat Oregon to make Notre Dame the number one team in the country again for the first time since 1993.

I’m thankful that Arizona State beat Arizona in Tucson in the 2006 season.  Fun game!

I’m thankful that Arizona beat ASU in Tempe on November 19 2011 to regain some dignity after the 2010 loss.  I’m also thankful that Arizona beat Oklahoma State on September 8, 2012 after OSU stomped Arizona in the Alamo Bowl the previous season.

I’m thankful that I was at Notre Dame’s last national championship in 1988 when they beat West Virginia in Arizona. Deja vu?

And probably the most special moment to give thanks about on Thanksgiving…

I am thankful that in Tennessee’s national championship season of 1998, I was able to attend three of the biggest games with my dad, who passed away of cancer four years ago. We cheered on the Vols at the miraculous win over Arkansas in the battle of unbeatens (Clint Stoerner’s fumble), at the SEC Championship Game rally that put them in the first-ever BCS title game, and then for the win over Florida State out in Arizona as his alma mater and my future alma mater hoisted the biggest trophy of all. Memories I will cherish forever.

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