Recap Week 13: Standings Relatively Unchanged

Following Week 13, the rankings remained basically unchanged, with a few inevitable changes do to ranked opponents playing one another: Full standings can be found here.

1 Notre Dame 12-0
2 Alabama 11-1
3 Georgia 11-1
4 Florida 11-1
5 Oregon 11-1
6 Kansas State 10-1
7 LSU 10-2
8 Stanford 10-2
9 Texas A&M 10-2
10 South Carolina 10-2

With its win over USC (22-13), Notre Dame will play for the National Championship again for the first time since the 80’s.

From LOS ANGELES (AP)“For four straight plays in the waning minutes, Notre Dame’s defense was backed up to its 1 with its perfect season in peril. And on four straight plays, Southern California got nothing. “We’re going to fight,” linebacker Manti Te’o said. “That’s our name. It doesn’t matter where we are.” The Fighting Irish will be in Miami next. With another hard-nosed victory, they punched their ticket to the BCS championship game.

As for their opponent in the BCS Championship, Alabama will play Georgia in the SEC Championship game on Saturday and the winner of that game will face the Irish in January.

From, here’s a link of all of the story lines previewing this game. And from Online Athens:  ‘FIGHT LIKE MAD’: No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Georgia bring similar styles of play into SEC title game.