Live in East Lansing: From the Michigan State Girl to the Ohio State GIrl

Hey OSU Girl…breaking news here in East Lansing…Tattoo parlors are flooded!  Please tell your team that they don’t have anything we want, so just head to the stadium for your warm-up because the only free tatts you’ll be getting here are at Spartan Stadium.  Get your free Spartan helmet tattoos beginning at 3:30.  Line up […]

Welcome to East Lansing: Tips for away teams from the MSU Girl

A good idea for tailgating:  The Dan Henry tailgate (Dan Henry is a beer distributor based in Lansing) Most important tip for ladies:  NO PURSES allowed inside the stadium.  In fact, there are no bags of any size allowed unless you can show they contain medication or something you really need. What to eat:  On […]

MSU Recap Week 3: Deflated by the Irish at home

#20 Notre Dame at #10 Michigan State.  ND wins 20-3. Notre Dame came into the game underdogs but quickly took all the wind out of the sails of the MSU Spartans and the sold out Spartan Stadium with two unanswered touchdowns. And the Irish were able to hold off any complacency and continued to have […]