Contract Analysis: What Notre Dame Paid Charlie Weiss to Leave

The Chicago Tribune obtained federal tax documents that show that after Notre Dame fired Charlie Weis as the head football coach in December 2009, “Termination payment of $6,638,403 was made during the reporting period to Charles J. Weis under a separation agreement that includes much smaller annual payments through December, 2015.” Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2011. […]

Contract Analysis: There’s a reason why Michigan waited to fire Rich Rodriguez

The Rich Rodriguez era turned out to be a costly one for Michigan.  Not only did their record fall to a mere 15-22 during that time, but the Wolverine defense sunk to its lowest level in Michigan history.  Even worse, was the financial setback it took.  Financially the era began with a $2,500,000 payment to […]

Contract Analysis: What Colorado Must Pay to Fire Dan Hawkins

On Saturday, Colorado blew a 28 point lead in the 4th quarter to Kansas in what would become the worst blown lead in the Buffaloes’ 121 year history.  Head Coach Dan Hawkins’ son Cody was playing Quarterback thanks to a ruptured spleen suffered by starter Tyler Hansen a few weeks ago.  And despite a pretty […]