Update on Eligibility of Players: Tennessee, Alabama & LSU

Tennessee Safety Jansen Jackson:  8/24/2011 Derek Dooley announced that troubled Tennessee defensive back Janzen Jackson was dismissed from the Volunteers football team.  How this impacts them?  Jackson was third on the team in tackles last year (first out of all defensive backs) and tied for first on the team with 5 interceptions.  This could open up Tennessee’s […]

Tennessee 2011

Tennessee 2010 Statistics (SEC) The Volunteers play on a grass field at Neyland Stadium (seats 102,455) Derek Dooley is in his 2nd year as head coach at Tennessee.  In his first season the team went 6-7 and with that just-barely losing record, the hope is that they get on the other side of .500 this […]

Tennessee 2010

Tennessee (2009 Statistics) Derek Dooley is the 3rd head coach of this team in just three years.  That’s the opposite of the stability that Tennessee had been used to for 17 years while Phillip Fulmer was the head coach.  After Fulmer’s “retirement” (like many of these guys, I’m not sure how much of a choice […]